Daniel Nisbet / Graphic Designer

Hitting Reset

Running a business is far from easy, even though there’s many blogs, books or people out there who claim otherwise. For six years, I managed to hang on to the roller coaster life that was being my own boss.

But things change and late last year, I found myself back in a full-time job. Gone was the stress of tracking down payments, trying to find new clients to pitch work to. Gone were the sleepless nights of worrying how the hell I was going to keep things moving forward.

It’s easy to look at these last few months as failure, but I’m not going to do that. Life has a way of saying it’s time to reset, and that’s exactly what my plan is going to be.

Making Change and Moving Forward

There’s many places out there that will talk about the good parts of being a freelance designer. But I always felt there wasn’t enough places talking about the tough parts. Over the next few months, I’m focusing on restructuring my business. I’m making a changes in the types of projects I’m working on, the clients I’m working with, and how I’m valuing what I do.

The plan is to document those steps with the hope that it inspires other struggling freelancers to think outside the box and get back on the right path.

The next few months are going to be a challenge. But one I’m ready to take on.