Daniel Nisbet / Graphic Designer


There’s days that I like to think I invented procrastination. Or that I’m the president of a procrastination club. I’m that good at it.

It’s not like I didn’t get anything accomplished this week: I did. Being held accountable helps when I’m looking at my to-do list. I was able to get another draft of the Brew City Type logo drawn. I also poked around more at my new typeface.

It was easy to want to put off doing any work this week. I finally got another client project wrapped up, which felt good. There’s two more left in the hopper before I’m done with the one-off stuff. I also turned down another small project recently, and it’s starting to feel more “normal” to do so.

I thought after I accepted my full-time job that the rest and relaxation would kick in immediately. Truth is, it didn’t. Through the end of last year, I had to do quite a bit of work wrapping things up. I worked harder in those four months than I had in a very long time.

I sort of hit the goals I set last week. GYA wasn’t started for real, but I did wrap up a couple more HubSpot certifications. The Brew City Type logo is ready for digitization, which I figure will be another week or two for that. The new website took a backseat as I had to fix the current site.

That said, things can still be on track to wrap up by the end of the month like I had planned.

Wishlist for this week

I need to get the new logo digitized. I also need to work more at refining the new typeface. I can focus on the main uppercase alphabet so it doesn’t seem as daunting. I’m going to work with is getting the weights of the letters even and phase out the modular feel it currently has.

I’ll be posting my progress to Instagram. The Brew City Type blog should be getting fired up again soon, but the current theme makes it a nightmare. The new theme makes blogging a lot easier and I did put some work into my MailChimp account to organize it better.

I’ll be looking into doing some automation for a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter once it gets going. I’m also excited to try some marketing automation to kick font sales up another notch. And on top of that, I’m still working toward my plan of building a type design class.

Ongoing goals

I’m going to set an ongoing goal to be consistent with creating content. This blog is coming up to the one month mark of weekly posts, so there’s no reason I can’t start to build on that momentum. I’ve got some awesome tools that can help with content calendars as well, to help during the busy times or days when I’m unmotivated to say much.

With that said: back to work!