Daniel Nisbet / Graphic Designer


The best part of this week happened at the end: feedback and advice from a type designer. While it was brief, it helped me feel that I’m heading in the right direction. I’ve got quite a few notes to process and feedback that needs channeling into my next typeface.

Training this week moved from the GYA course to HubSpot. I’ve put a focus on the marketing courses they offer and gained certifications in inbound marketing and design. The goal by early next week is to wrap up one or two more. I’m impressed with how they align and build off GYA—I’m definitely learning a lot!

One of the interesting things about these courses, is that I’m starting to see where I could have done better with Nisbet Creative. Design and branding have always been easy for me, but marketing lagged behind. Learning more about marketing processes and seeing how it can apply to the things I do has been eye-opening.

I don’t regret anything I did or didn’t do. I made the choices I did to the best of my ability at the time I had to make them.

Moving forward—no matter the brand—there’s going to be an increased focus on mailing lists. While social media was helpful, it’s more of an addition to a solid marketing plan instead of the workhorse I wanted it to be. Of course, this means more work in the form of eBooks, sample fonts, or something else.

Beyond that, I’m working out how I’m going to be structuring my brands. Besides Brew City Type, it seems like my personal brand might be ripe for growing. Nisbet Creative has been on a solid slide since last summer and I’m not sure that I’m going to be picking up new freelance work from it.

My brain has been in overdrive as well, with the thought of bringing in a few online classes in the future. How those will factor into things and where they’ll live is still a question mark. But I can cross that bridge when I get there.

Goals for this week

I need to finish up my first pass through the GYA course. It was recommended to do that before diving in. By the end of the week I’ll start doing the steps for real.

I’m also going to make more progress on the new typeface. If there’s some time, I’d like to push a few GIFs to social media for folks to follow along with my progress.

And last, the new Brew City Type logo needs a new revision from the previous logo draft. I’ve made some notes and it’s ready for a version two. The rough plan is to launch the new brand before the end of April.