Daniel Nisbet / Graphic Designer

Saying No

One of the most difficult parts in the last year to year and a half of running my business full-time was saying yes to things I knew I shouldn’t have. Saying yes so I could get that extra bit of income to pay off a bill. Saying yes because the flow of work was already at a grinding halt.

That’s the tough part about running your own business during slow times. It’s easy to want to say yes. And the types of projects you should be saying no to (and aren’t), tend to be the ones that wear you down. They grind away at your self esteem. They take away the time you should be spending towards better work.

Instead, it causes more stress.

This last week, I’ve been saying no. A lot.

I’m not sure what it is. The nice weather? The fact that the roller coaster known as 2016 is over? But in the last few weeks I’ve had many inquiries from potential new clients. Some projects looked interesting, but in the case of most, I could tell from the onset that the budgets weren’t going to be anything spectacular.

So I said no. Again, and again, and again.

It felt great.

The list of active clients I do have are ones that I still enjoy working with and even that list is slimming down as their projects come to completion. My time in the evenings is freeing up more, which has been a goal I set out to do since January of this year.

Moving from clients to products

Earlier last week, I signed up for a course called Grow Your Audience, by Paul Jarvis. I’m not far enough into it to even give a proper review for the moment. But looking at the course material and seeing where my plan for Brew City Type was, it seems obvious that I’ve set out a pretty good foundation for building a business around selling products instead of services.

Porter continues to do well with sales and still gets an occasional poke for font bundles. I’m still working at a second typeface that I hope I can have ready before the end of this year—which would benefit from a few self-imposed deadlines.

So, the plan for this next week is to progress farther along with the GYA course. And get a MailChimp account set up for an eventual newsletter. While I’m at it, I’m doing a re-branding of Brew City Type and plan to make more progress with an updated logo and website. From there, I’m excited about having a better foundation in which to build off of!